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Walters plumbing is not like any other plumbing company. In 1919 at the age of 20 years old, Warren C. Walters Senior started Walters Plumbing Company at 286 Capitol Ave. SW. in Battle Creek Michigan. Then in 1939, the business expanded and move to 586 Capital Ave. SW.  
In 1958, the company found itself expanding again to its current location at 189 N. 20th St. Now 99 years after they first opened their doors, the fourth Family generation is running the store.
Walters plumbing company carries licenses in the fields of plumbing, mechanical, boiler, Well Drilling, pump installation and repair, residential building and remodeling. Walters plumbing company keeps up with the newest innovations - in all fields whether you need a tankless water heater, which can produce up to 6.9 gallons of hot water per minute, minimizing Emissions and saving energy or the state of the art variable frequency drive pump systems that will deliver constant water pressure.
Bath remodel improvements have come along with water saver toilets and comfort height toilets are now becoming a common fixture in the home today. Environmental friendly toilets that can flush on 1.6 gallons of water or just 3/4 of a gallon of water combine this with 3-inch flush valves, the design and shape of the toilets makes very clean and efficient toilets.
Retrofit fiberglass shower stalls fit in place of your old existing bathtub lining up within inches of its existing drain lines. New cutting-edge designs and faucets, brand names as Delta, Cole, Molin and Roy, just to name a few are available at Walters plumbing company.  We also handle safety issues in the bathroom, such as grab bars, 2-inch lift seats, and shower units in our A.D.A. Completely.
old picture
Gary Walter, Son and Robert J. Saunders, Son-in-law
with the new company truck 1950
old picture
Walter Senior in 1917